Serene Surroundings

At Manoswasthya Wellness Center, you’ll find a safe, secure environment with comfortable surroundings, where a Mukti Kendra feels like home. The food is nutritious and tailor-made, accommodating any dietary needs when needed.

Expert Staff

Our expert staff makes us one of the top centre in Pune . Our psychologists step into the shoes of the patients and offer them most comfort and safety as they listen to patients talk through their feelings and emotions. We are proud of our doctors and have received positive responses from our patients.

Effective Approach

Our approach has made us one of the best centres in India. We believe that effective addresses the underlying symptoms to a person's. Ankur primarily follows the Twelve Step programme, empowering intensive reflection, study, clean living and exercise.

About Us

Manoswasthya Wellness Center

Necessity is the mother of all new beginnings. Similar was the story of the Manoswasthya Wellness Center. A group of senior counselors discussing the lack of personal care mental health and improvement of the mind healing treatment facilities. We can see scores of Psychological & Family Shuddhi Kendra in Pune! Then why Manoswasthya Wellness Center? Is there anything unique in Manoswasthya Wellness Center? We at Manoswasthya Wellness Center tell the caretakers before the admission that the duration of the treatment is one to three months. A person may be able to wipe out the undesired imprints on his brain in a single month or in another case the progress is not even 25%. Hence, the flexibility of duration. Our specialty-psychiatrists and counselors decide the appropriate time for discharge. The Manoswasthya Wellness Center started one of the few dementia care centers in Pune along with their psychiatry and spiritual guidance centers.

We Offer Mukti Kendra in India

  • Mukti Treatment
  • Home-like Autosphere
  • Experienced and Professional Doctors Team
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • One-To-One Counselling
  • Inhouse Meetings
  • Nutritious, Balanced Meals
  • Medical withdrawal with 24/7 care & support.
  • Personalised improvement programme.
  • Overcome the root causes of illness.
  • Be in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Fitness & Massage
  • Sessions & Seminor

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